Club history

Cheam Marcuda Swimming Club was founded towards the end of 2008. The new club is a product of the merger between two very well established clubs, Barracuda SC and Cheam Marlins, both of whom had been established for a combined total of over 100 years. The two clubs have swum against each other many times in competitions throughout the years and the hope is that the new club will have even greater success now that they have merged.

Barracuda Swimming Club was founded in 1958 as a mixed swimming club for young people. The Club was in its 50th year at the time of the merger. Barracuda always prided itself on its great club loyalty and always encouraged its members of all age groups and abilities to enjoy their swimming, whether it be in training or in competition. Since 1967 the club has been based at Morden Park Pools and the association continues, as a number of sessions still take place there and the the new club also has an office at Morden.

Cheam Marlins started life in 1953 as Cheam Ladies Swimming Club. Back in those days the majority of swimming clubs were single sex. This started to change in the 1970's until by the beginning of 2005 we were just about the only female swimming club left in the country.

In the latter part of 2005 it was decided that the club should open its doors to boys and become a mixed club. At the same time the name of the club was changed to Cheam Marlins Swimming Club. Based at Cheam Leisure Center the club catered for swimmers of all ages and abilities and used to swim in many Galas and Open Meets of different standards.